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R-litter - 8 males / 3 females

Date of birth: 08.02.2014

Parents of puppies

Fairhaven How I Became Hilarious
C.I.E. RusCH SE V-2010
Copper’s Christal Bubble
JunRusCH RusCH JunClubCH ClubCH VWW-2015

Jetsetter Reggae Xplosion
Jetsetter Riverdance
Jetsetter Rhythm and Blues
Jetsetter Remind Me Jazz
Jetsetter Rock and Roll
Jetsetter Ragtime Dixiland
Jetsetter Rio de Tango Argentine
Jetsetter Rain Dancer
Jetsetter Rumba de Cuba
Jetsetter Ragga Jungle
Jetsetter Red Hot Flamenco


JunRusCH RusCH JunClubCH ClubCH VWW-2015
Copper’s Christal Bubble
HD-A, PRA rcd4: hereditary clear
WW-2008 FJW-03
Balintyne Copper’s Home'N Dry
HD-B, PRA clear, PRA rcd4 clear
ShCH NORD V-2000 Fin V-2003
Classic Red Aniara
EuW-97 KBH V-97 SE V-98
Ember James Bond
HD ua
SE V-2000
Copper's Honeysuckle Rose
HD ua